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I read books. Not as much as I’d like, unfortunately. Not that I’ve lost interest, succumbed to the temptations of ‘the box’ or, somewhat improbably, read the lot. It’s just that before I was a student and I could knock out 1000 word books in a few weeks. But I’m older now. I have a wife and a child and a job, and my ambitions now don’t really qualify as ambitions.

But I know I love to read and I love to write too (it’s my job, in fact, albeit probably not in the way you think) so I naturally thought that I’d read and write reviews on the books I’ve read. Alas, time is a luxury I do not have, so I will not be knocking these out on a weekly basis. As a window into my world, it took me and my daughter nearly two months to get through a full reading of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas. So don’t expect miracles. We’re in a Steinbeck world, not a Rowling.

I promise they will be honest and that any future prose will not rhyme so obscenely as that initial clause. I’m not particular with my books either. So I’m not genre specific – I just read the books I want to read. Some I’ll try and not finish (Ulysses – I’m looking at you) but they will not feature here. It’s only finished books that make the cut, which means 3 stars and above at a minimum. Anything below that – well, I’ll be lucky to finish them. There are nearly 130,000,000 books in the world, not all of them in the English language. So I won’t waste time on books that I don’t think are worth it. Life’s literally too short – I’m already behind and I need to learn other languages as well.

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